Construction Of The Third Airport İncreased Housing Prices İn The Region

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The construction of the third airport, one of Turkey's vision projects, is progressing rapidly. While the construction continued, the airport also increased the prices of housing and land in the region. Airline workers who did not want to be affected by this increase started to build their own houses by establishing cooperatives.


In the last quarter of 2016, the Air City Construction Cooperative, which has achieved official status, will produce housing for airline personnel who want to invest in the region. Chairman Erkut Çavuş, indicating that they will start with 300 houses in the first place, he said "The third airport is moving much faster than expected. Those who are researching and pending with the region can see the price increase in the last 1 year. "


Erkut Çavuş stated that the cooperative model is a negative perception in our country, "We take all our work in transparency to get rid of this negative perception, we are in constant contact with our members and we keep our team members informed of all the developments. Our spirit is very strong and we have set out to produce cheap and quality housing with this team spirit. " he said.


Erkut Çavuş underlined the fact that the airport will have a very serious housing need in the region with the passing of the airport, "The third airport will be a center of attraction and will soon become a shopping mall, hospitals and metro projects. We would like to have a residence request for 120 thousand people and we will use it as an investment that will provide additional income for our team members as well as for their own use while creating a city project. "With the increase in land and housing prices, investments made in this region will be a serious rental income.

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