Corporate Customer Entered The Market For Real Estate Certificate

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The initial demand for real estate certification started on 29 March. Sales will start at BIST on April 5 after three days of demand collection. The project, which is the subject of the first sale, will be the project of Park Mavera 3, which has been living in Basaksehir, Istanbul with TOKİ and Macro Construction’s revenue sharing partnership model. TOKI President Ergün Turan and Macro Construction Chairman Ercan Uyan evaluated the process at the press conference they were doing yesterday. Ercan Uyan, who stated that they received a request from the institutional investor, said, “Institutional investors come to the region and travel the project. The individual investor is also trying to understand the process “.


Uyan also announced that they have reached an agreement with Turkey’s 27 largest brokerage houses for the shares of the progeny to be traded on the exchange. Indicating that there will be two concepts such as talar acquisition and real acquisition in the real estate certificate, Uyan said, “The acquisition of Tali will enable the project to benefit from the increase in value. The primary acquisition is the purchase of shares for the purpose of buying a house, “he said. The total sales area of ​​126 thousand 400 square meters, Park Mavera 3 project in the first stage 33 thousand 703 square meters area of ​​the public offering, said: “1 square meter area will be sold by dividing 100 shares. If a share price is 42.5 TL, “he said. Uyan said that the number of total shares offered for sale at the first stage will be 3 million 370 thousand 336, thus “2 + 1 apartments can be taken with a figure starting from 11 thousand liras. The biggest share in the project is 21, “he said.

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