Cost of Moving The House Burns The Pocket!

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How happy it is to buy or rent a house, but the problems of relocation and settlement of the new home are so great. The processes that seem very simple from the outside can make you suffer for days.


First of all, the search for a new home has to be done very carefully. From the position of the house to the age, from the social facilities to the interior design, it will bring with it a certain process that it will respond in every way. For a house with an average rent of TL 2,000, the price you pay for the estate company is TL 2,400, which is 12 percent of the annual rent. The biggest problem after renting is transport and infrastructure connections. In Istanbul, the size of the goods to be transported and the distance between the neighborhoods, the distance to be moved, whether there is a lift or not, varies according to many parameters, but the average transportation cost does not go below 2,000 TL.


Electricity, Natural Gas and Water 

The most important need after transport is infrastructure (electricity, water, natural gas, etc.) connections. The electricity subscription fee is 197 TL for electricity administration and 455 TL for Natural Gas, 386 TL for Guaranteed Rate, 220 TL for Water Subscription and 175 TL as Guaranteed Rate for natural gas. These expense items, which cost 1,433 TL, require almost as much to spend as a rental fee and often involve working through the process with a loss of up to 5 business days.


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