Critical Warning For House Buyers And Sellers!

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Critical Warning For House Buyers And Sellers!

Citizens wanting to buy a home, when they find a suitable home for their budget, try to tie all their savings back to this house and reduce costs such as property, title deed and moving expenses to a minimum. For this reason buyers and sellers who pay less for land registry costs cut their house bill from a low figure to pay less tax. The house sale price is showing less than the truth. As a result, both the buyer and the seller of the property are punished separately.

Real Estate Expert Hatice Kolçak, who is in critical evaluation of the related Yeni Şafak, said that the title deed was traded for trading transactions not lower than the real estate tax value determined according to the 29th article of the Real Estate Tax Law No. 1319. However, if real estate is sold at a value above the value of the real estate tax, Mr. Kolchak said that it is necessary to buy and sell title deed. "For example, if a real estate tax value of 150 thousand TL is sold for 300 thousand TL, it must be done over. "

"If the real estate is sold again within 5 years of purchase and sale of real estate, Value Increase Tax is paid. Let us suppose that the title deed was bought and sold over the real estate tax value of 150 thousand TL. This real estate has been sold to 350 thousand TL 5 years ago. There will be a difference of 200 thousand TL between 150 thousand TL and 350 thousand TL. This rate can reach 35 percent of 200 thousand TL. However, if it had been shown over 350 thousand TL, the difference would be 50 thousand TL and no extra difference will be paid with the exception.


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