Current Real Estate Prices in Eyüp!

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Located in Istanbul's European side, Eyüp is the most important settlement and investment area of ​​the city.

While many projects for the county that have coast to the Golden Horn continue, the houses and lighthouses in the region attract great interest from investors.


Transport and investments in Eyüp

Eyüp, which has an important place with 21 neighborhoods and 7 villages in Istanbul province, continues to develop with the investments made. Eyüp, one of the old settlements, is still in popular areas that many residential projects are nowadays.  In terms of transportation, the construction of the tram that has alternatives such as metro and metrobus continues. It is expected that the line which will connect Eminönü and Eyüp through the Golden Horn coast will also have an impact on real estate prices. Construction of the third airport attracts attention as the biggest investment made in terms of transportation to Eyüp.


Current real estate prices in Eyüp

When the current real estate prices are examined in Eyüp, an increase is seen in general. Eyüp 's 10.8 percent rise in the last month in Istanbul with the highest price is seen as the district is increasing. In the district 1 room apartments prices start from 140.000 TL. The prices of the 1 room apartments in the building projects in the district are up to 250.000 USD at most. 2 room apartments find buyers between 140.000 TL and 500.000 USD depending on their location and characteristics. In the same way, 3 room apartments are priced between 215.000 TL and 1.250.000 USD according to their qualities. The price of 4 room apartment for sale varies between 2.500 TL and 1.200.000 USD.


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