Current Real Estate Prices in Sultanbeyli

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When the current real estate prices in Sultanbeyli is examined, it is seen that the region has been experiencing rapid growth and change in recent years. The district, which will be valued in the coming years with the investments made, has recently become the center of attention for large and luxury projects. The return period of the price paid for housing in the district is calculated as 21 years with rental incomes. This makes the district of Sultanbeyli advantageous for the duration of depreciation.


Sale prices of flats in Sultanbeyli

The price of 1+1 flats for sale in Sultanbeyli starts from 170.000 TL. Flat prices are up to 260,000 TL depending on the features they have. When the prices of 2+1 flats for sale are examined, they start from 153.000 TL and reach up to 560.000 TL.
For those who prefer spacious houses or for crowded families, 3+1 flats vary from 125.000 TL to 590.000 TL. 4+1 flat prices for sale can vary from 225.000 TL to 850.000 TL.

Rental flats prices in Sultanbeyli

Rental prices in Sultanbeyli district vary by the transportation facilities, building construction year and house characteristics. The rent price of 1+1 flats in Sultanbeyli, which is a very active residential area for investors, starts from 800 TL. Single-room flat rents can go up to 1,500 TL.

2+1 rental flat prices are between 700 TL and 1200 TL. These flats are ideal for newly married couples. For those who prefer a large house 3+1 rental flat prices vary from 1250 TL to 1750 TL.

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