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Urla, which is one of the popular districts of İzmir, is watching positive real estate situation every year. The region is not only touristy but also 35 km away from the city center. It is bounded by Güzelbahçe and Seferihisar to the east, Çeşme to the west, Karaburun to the north, and the Aegean Sea to the north and south.


Urla is also known as a popular district due to these reasons. The effects of the popularity of the florist in the purchase and sale of real estate are easily observed. There are quite good opportunities for those who want to buy villas in the apartment where they have a lot of choices in apartment sales and rentals in Urla.

Current real estate situation in Urla

Apartments for sale in Urla, which have a positive impact on the real estate situation, provide access to different options. The base prices of apartments for sale in the district are at 200.000 TL. 1 + 1, 70 sqm, air-conditioned and 0 apartment is sold for 200.000 TL. A more luxurious and centrally located studio can cost up to 210,000 TL.

Apart from apartments and luxury villas, they are also able to appeal to dazzling districts, pools and seaside residences in Urla. A villa with 5 + 1, sea view, swimming pool and 500 square meters in the district is sold in the band of 2.525.000 Euro. The price of the ceiling villa in the region is approximately 3,000,000 USD. Of course, there are also more affordable villas. The price of 3 + 1, 110 sqm, air conditioned and zero villa is seen as 275.000 TL. The base price for villas for sale in the district is 250.000 TL.

Rental apartment with high rent options

The base rental price of rental apartments in the county where approximately 62.000 people live is around 1000 TL. Air-conditioned, 120 sqm, 4 +1 apartment rentable for 1000 TL. In the same way, the price of a 3 + 1 apartment of 130 square meters, which is located on the entrance floor of the apartment building and has the property of gardening on this floor, is 1500 TL. Every option is actively used, especially in summer, where cottage rentals are popular.

Pricing for homes that are specially designed for those who want to rent a more luxurious villa usually takes place in euros or USD. 5 + 1, 350 square meters, rent a villa for 1225 Euro level. Sea view, 350 sqm, floor-heating 4 + 1 villa rent is around 7500 TL per month. 5 + 1, 350 square meters with a swimming pool, a combined villa can be rented for 8000 TL per month.

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