Current Status in The Mega Project!

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Construction of 3rd airport goes on at full speed. Construction of the main terminal building of the project, in which more than 15.000 builder work, will be completed by the end of 2016.

1.8 billion euros have been spent for the third airport, which is closely going to become a seperate city thanks to its parking areas, hotels, shopping malls, leisure centres. 25 % of the new airport of Istanbul has been completed until now and first phase, which has capacity for 90 million passengers, will put into service by February 2018.

15.153 people, 1500 of them is white collar, work in airport construction, which is accepted as one of the biggest building sites of the world. Number of the personnel is expected to increase up to 30.000 during intense working period.

An intense work has been carrying out in the construction, thanks to summer session. More than 3.000 caterpillar are used in the construction. Basic structure of main terminal construction (1.300.000 square meter) is planned to be completed by the end of this year.

Domestic Products Will be Used in the Airport

It is paid special attention to use domestic product in airport construction. Authorities have decided to use domestic products during and after construction although it is disadvantagous.

In airport construction, in which completely domestic products are going to be used for interior decoration, all the needs such as paving stone, counters, steel manufactures, roof steel, wooden products and windows, are going to be satisfied by domestic industries.

There will be parking area with the capacity of 25.000 cars in first phase of airport, for which public transportation alternatives such as metro and metrobus will be in service. When construction of the airport, which will have 350 flight destinations worldwide, there will be 1500 flights and also will be serving to 200 million people, is completed, it will provide job opportunity for 100.000 people.

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