Daily House Rentals Taken Into Custody

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Starting from the middle of last year about the houses rented on a daily and hourly basis, the Ministry of Finance started to work. Within the scope of e-commerce and Monitoring of Taxpayer Harmonization project, advertisements which were broadcasted on internet on 7 days were examined with respect to houses rented on a daily and hourly basis. The advertisements were followed by the tribes of the houses. So it was determined who belonged to the houses. Then the bank movements of the people were examined.


The finance removed the repetitions of the payments made to them. Payments made to individuals were compared to land registry records. Authorities said that following these examinations, the Ministry of Finance and the Security acted jointly and actively investigated. The actual check-up means that you have to go in person and perform an audit. It was discovered that houses were rented and not rented with folly inspections. Finance officials stated that they have been actively investigating in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Antalya as a result of the work started 6 months ago and they said that the results were taken into consideration. The authorities noted that the actual polls would be extended to other metropolitan cities as well.
Authorities stated that they assessed whether tax evasion was in terms of rent income in the actual petitions made by the Ministry of Finance, and that the Ministry of Supervision had supervision in terms of security investigation. As of March 1, the declaration period for rental income has started. Those who earn rent income over 3,800 liras per year last year need to pay taxes this year. If those who do not make a declaration are found, they pay retrospective punishment and they can not benefit from the exception. Those who rent the house need to take it through the bank for over 500 lira monthly rent. The Ministry of Finance also took the continuity of the transfers from the banks to the accounts of the house while examining the houses in the day.

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