Decision of Urgent Expropriation in 4 Cities

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Decision of Urgent Expropriation in 4 Cities

With the military operations conducted by security forces in various cities, General Directorate of Security Affairs needs some extra security points in these cities. The authority demanded some points from government for establishing extra police points and this demand would be possible with cabinet decree.

Diyarbakır, Hakkari, Mardin and Şırnak are the 4 cities which involves the areas related with urgent expropriation decision. Bağlar county in Diyarbakır, Çukurca and Yüksekova counties in Hakkari, Kızıltepe county in Mardin, Cizre and İdil counties in Şırnak contain 36 parcels in 11 neighbourhood which are 120.000 m2 in total.


According the decision issued at official gazzette, 41.000 m2 in Yafes, Nur and Cudi neighbourhoods of Cizre county of Şırnak which has partial curfew and 9.000 m2 in İdil which has been removed of curfew in was included by this decision. Details of these areas are listed below.

23.342 m2 in Eskikışla neighbourhood of Yüksekova county which has curfew and 13.678 m2 in Emir Şaban neighbourhood of Çukurca county of Hakkari which has no curfew in was included by this decision.

20.000 m2 in Sandıklı and Koçhisar neighbourhoods in Kızıltepe county of Mardin was included by this decision.

More than 12.000 m2 area in İstasyon, Kaynartepe and Kayapınar neighbourhoods in Bağlar county of Diyarbakır was included by this decision.


After the continuing military operations, these cities will be constructed with urban transformation projects. According to government officers, citizens who live in there will not be suffered and they will have better living spaces after the renewal of these cities. New cities will be constructed for preventing the problems of nowadays.

To conclude, for establishing more security points for security affairs, some of the areas in 4 cities have a decision about urgent expropriation. The cabinet decree about urgent expropriation is in force now.

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