Declaration Of Rental Time Extention

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The rental income is mandatory for all those who pay taxes for this income. For houses with rents lower limit for the year 2015 3600 TL, 29000 TL comes on to the workplace was announced as taxable. This time to declare income Ministry of Finance has extended to March 31, 2016. Landlords attention and rent declaration time was extended statement applies to both businesses and for you!


Landlords attention and rent declaration time was extended for all rent declarations. Information regarding the statements made in other statements made by the Ministry of Finance officials were given. Accordingly, it is possible to make this declaration was stated on the internet. also it added that the system of people who have been followed over different rental income.


So what happens if you do not declare your rental income? Authorities replied to this question from several perspectives. First problem to be fined for undeclared rents.  Backward steps possible. The penalty amount was reported to be doubled. The penalty will be charged out of it.


The final punishment will be given for loss of taxes. All the way to declare rental income out of it and pay the punishment tax. Ministry officials explain that the persons in this punishment penalties, while statements can’t benefit from any reductions or exemptions, he said.


This statement came after a warning from consumer associations. Warns against problems with the real estate association officials have said that absolutely must be respected the rules of rent statement.


To take advantage of both existing criminal to take TL 3660 and TL 29000 fee exemption and none criminal, the property owner has made stimulus remarks to be careful.

Landlords attention and rent declaration time was extended so you may give your declaration of your rental incomes, until to 31 March 2016!


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