Declaration Times Are Extended

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Finance Minister Naci Agbal said that extended the period of submit a declarations of income tax and value added tax (VAT). Finance Minister Naci Agbal announced that the tax declaration’s periods have been extended. “Speaking on a television program, Ağbal said, “On 23rd of this month, it must be given tax declaration, we extended this period from March 23rd to March 27th. VAT declaration must be given in respect of March 24th and we extended this period to 27 March. It must be given income tax declaration on March 27th, and we have extended the period of giving it to March 31. There is no change in the payment period. ”




Indicating that the sector representatives wanted to extend tax reductions, Ağbal noted that: “We are watching the figures and we are very pleased, we do not have a decision to extend it. When the end of April comes, we will look at the figures again; Then we do not need to extend if we come to a certain point in the revival on the market, but if it still is necessary we can extend it. ”


Agbal,Indicating that whole the system looks over to remove VAT from the informal, which does not prevent growth, “3 months duratıon for VAT work. We will discuss it with stakeholders. Some applications in VAT discourage production; We know that collection can only be increased by lowering tax rates, expanding the base by lowering the rates ideally.” said.

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