Decrease in Home Sales

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Housing sales are experiencing a great decline. House sales decreased by 5.2% month on month. As a figure, 122 thousand 882 determined. Seeing a decline in home sales in Turkey. Compared to last year, there is a big drop rate. Decrease by 5.7% compared to last month's October. Numbers down to 122 thousand 882. Compared to the previous month, a decrease of 18 thousand was seen. This applies to second hand and zero residences. Newly sold homes also had a decrease. The sale of newly built housing has decreased by 7.6%. 56 thousand 994 level.


Housing sales in Istanbul had the highest share. 20 thousand 906 homes were sold. Turkey was the leader with 17% of the overall Istanbul. The second most popular residential area after Istanbul was Ankara. Sale of 12 thousand 130 dwellings in Ankara. Ankara's share was 9.9%. It is one of the provinces where much of home sales in Ankara, Turkey. The third province was Izmir. 7,225 houses were sold. İzmir's share was determined as 5.9%.

The provinces where housing sales were the lowest were identified. The lowest province was Hakkari. 8 houses were sold in Hakkari. Ardahan was the second province with the least sales. In the following 15 sales were realized. The third province with the least sales was Şırnak. 36 houses were sold in Sirnak. In September, a total of 140 thousand 398 dwellings were sold. For the first time, there was a significant decrease in the number of homes sold. The sector has stagnated. It has a relatively calm period compared to the previous year. It's a question of what's going to happen in the coming days.

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