Decreased Interest In June To The Coastal Cities

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Searches in the month of June in the first place in the coastal town of apartment for sale in Izmir, which is in rates and a 14% decline, while this figure was reflected in the rate of rental apartments, and 18% of calls have decreased to an extent.


The coastal cities in the most sought-after, which is the second city in Mersin, Turkey's most sought after apartments in the month of May in the fifth city, statistics on searches in the month of June 25% experienced a decline.


The most sought after apartments in the coastal cities of muğla carries the distinction of being the third city was the city most affected from job searches. according to the data, which is among the cities most apartment for sale Mugla, dialed in the month of May, the month of June, according to data from 29% the month closed with a decline. In addition, another output for sale in Las Vegas drew attention to calls for the month of May compared to an 80% increase and ended the month with.


In the list of individual searches that are performed during the month of June, in spite of the declining interest in the apartment to the coastal cities, the most searched the word “furnished”were found.Immediately afterwards“the sea”,“pool”,”Sea” followed by calls were examined.

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