Demand is Active On Housing

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Contractor Ali Ağaoğlu, who is the biggest luxury residence manufacturer in the country, cuts arms with Çekmeköy project! We used the arm cutter in the stock market in order to enlarge and sink. In this case, he says that today the meter of the land is 2 thousand dollars but the meter of the house sells for 5 thousand TL. The sales are going very well.


Inexpensive housing is not built in Istanbul, but is done. They do not have sales problems, so they do not have to make announcements or announcements. For this reason, we are not even news-holders. TOKI also sells and sells a considerable number of cheap houses. If TOKI's condition is not to own a house, there is a certain limit. If the constraint is not clear, TOKI will also sell.


While housing prices are increasing in Turkey, there are a few reasons why they tend to slwo doen in Istanbul.

One of the reasons for the slowdown in housing prices in Istanbul is the rapid premiums made in the past periods and the opening of the difference between Turkey and Istanbul's home prices. Shan this point is narrowing, but the last 5 years housing prices in the country as a whole 95.5%, 133.4% in Istanbul increased. There is still an important difference.

If we look at the 5-year consumer inflation, we can see that households are experiencing a real increase of 28.7% in the average of the country and accordingly 53.7% of the house prices in Istanbul are evaluated.5 Real revenues are further increased when the rent increase is added to the 54% real increase.

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