Demir Construction And Artaş Agreed On A Huge Project To Be Made İn The Hadımköy District

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Demir Construction and Artaş Construction agreed on the project of residential, commercial and social area on 52 acres of land owned by Artaş Insaat in Hadımköy district.

Demir and Artas Construction, two of the biggest construction companies in the construction sector, have established partnership for this project. Demir Construction and Artaş Construction are planning to invest 250 million TL in the Hadımköy area of Artaş.


It is planned that the project to be constructed on 52 acres of land located in Hadımköy of Artaş Construction will be composed of residential, commercial and social areas. The project, which has a total construction area of 140 thousand square meters, will consist of 650 houses and 45 commercial units.


60-40% Partners

The project that will start in April 2018 will be 60 percent of Demir Construction and 40 percent of Artaş Construction. Demir Construction Chairman Hamit Demir said, "We have done many projects and we will work better in agreement with what we will do in the future." Hamit Demir said about the project that caused the controversy in the last days: "The permission of the project to be built in Albatros was given in 1979. Previously it was tendered by Büyükçekmece Municipality 11 times, but nobody got it. We took the tender with our partners to 160 million TL. The project will be construct 80 meters in. There is no connection with Albatros Park, on the contrary, we will provide a green space with the project. "

All Houses Are Sold Within 2 Months

Underlining that the project received demand from both domestic and foreign investors, Demir said that they would be able to sell all of their houses in two months. "We are taking very serious demands, especially from the Middle East and Russia," Demir said.

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