Did The Real Estate Tax in Besiktas Increase By 400 Percent?

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Besiktas Mayor explained that the increase in the real estate values ​​of 2018 will be the basis of the real estate tax.

Beşiktaş Mayor Murat Hazinedar pointed out that the news about the increase in real estate taxes in some regions exceeding 400 percent did not reflect the facts.

Bearing in mind that street borrowers' prices were reflected in the form of real estate tax revenues, Hazinedar said that the average increase in real estate taxes in houses in Beşiktaş was 50-60 percent.


Drawing attention to the fact that the assessments were determined by a large commission, Hazinedar said the following about the issue:

"It is not possible for the municipalities or committees to make an equitable determination about the real estate appraisal as long as the municipalities or the commissions are working in. There are real estate appraisal companies authorized in the capital market in Turkey and we have the property valuation we carried out the process with them.


Strengthening In Housing Sales

The real estate appraisal companies authorized by the CMB prepared infrastructure for us, bringing together all of the executive, real estate sales and expropriation court decisions, especially in Besiktas. We have made serious discounts on them and contributed to this work with two members of the Property Appreciation Commission. Besiktas, perhaps with a few exceptions in the 400 to 500 percent increase in any way is not the issue.

In general, an average increase of around 50-60 percent.


9 Tests

Hazinedar said:

" Our nine reeve do not want to resist the unfair reactions to the resignation of the association, the resignation of an association that they put out by saying that they always open to cooperate .. We have informed all of them completely. they are sacrificing this process to their small accounts, considering the local choice to be made. "

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