Disagreement Between The Hirers And The Owner Of Property On The Stoppage

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Payment of workplace for hire is obliged to stoppage on income taxes. According to 94th explanation on the law of income tax, a hirer must submit the payment to the tax offices on the owner of property for his tax. Law accepts that the incomes of hires, which have been excised by means of stoppage, are ultimate taxation. This amount accounted for 30.000tl in 2016. That’s to say, it’s an obligation that the owner of the property have to declare his incomes provided that this amount passes over the limit.


According to 121st Law of income tax, the people who would have to give declarations about the taxes of income the taxes that are impounded could be entered in an account. Another explanation depicts that it would be enough to enter an account or submit back rather than to provide the payments on the taxes to be given. Therefore, declaration of the stoppage is rather significant for not only the owner of the property but also tax offices. On the other hand, supposed that the taxes are realized through concise statements, the owner of the property would possess the right of entering in an account. If the stoppage is thought to be 20%, It accounts for a remarkable number.

It is an important problem about who will provide the loss of amount if there is no declaration about the taxes. It is the person who is the hirer that could supply with the amount of money. However, this amount is taken from the owner of property as a stoppage. Thus, tax that is taken by the government must be mentioned. If the stoppage is not paid regularly, this situation cannot be put the blame on the owner of property. Besides, the owner of the property cannot demand this amount from the hirer.

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