Do Not Sell Your Real Estate Property Without Reading These 10 Factors

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In Real Estate Sector; there are some unmissable points when selling a house, an office, land or agricultural estate. If you have decided to sell your real estate, here are 10 significant points that you better regard to, at first step:

In real estate sector, sale of a real property requires further thought about some points as much significant as the factors which effect real estate purchase. Previous president of Europe Real Estate Brokers’ Commision, Mehmet Keklik has stated:

  1. Valorize your real estate’s exact price.
  2. In big cities, there are some real estate valuation companies. These professional valuators are certificate holders, certified by The Capital Market Board. If somehow you do not have a chance to find such professionals you might rummage about it by getting help by real estate agencies around your real estate.
  3. You can do pricing on your own by asking for the prices of the other real estates around. You can compare the property you own to the other real estates by taking all the pluses and minuses into consideration.
  4. Sale of a property is not something which can be processed without caring. You should aim to sell it in a few months. You better determine a high price and evaluate the offers, first.
  5. Place an ad on the newspaper a few times
  6. Hang a “ for sale “ ad on the real estate. Leave your address and phone number.
  7. If you agree with the prospective buyer in principle, definitely have a deposit.
  8. It is better if you show the buyer around if it is a house or an office. Client should not walk around alone.
  9. Do not give the keys to the client before deed transfer.
  10. It is logical to consent on authorize a real estate agent for deed transfer and finding clients.

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