Dönmezler Construction Earthquake-Defying Houses!

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With their successful housing projects they have done in recent years, Dönmezler Construction, which is frequently mentioned in the sector, aims to raise the slopes in the construction sector with new projects. Speaking about new housing projects, Murat Yıldırım, Member of the Board of Directors of Dönmezler Construction, said "Our company, which has been operating in the sector for 9 years, has succeeded in successful projects with housing projects. With the latest technology and quality of materials we use, we have made our brand known in the sector and provided customer satisfaction and made reference to our next projects. " he said.


Yıldırım stated that the most important thing in construction projects is the quality of the material and the educated work force, "These two points are very important. If the construction materials you use are of poor quality and your employees are uneducated, the progeny will fail from the beginning. The safety of our customers who live here is more important to us than anything else. You must safely and peacefully avoid anything for their lives in the houses they buy. ' said.


Yıldırım stated that they prepared housing projects in accordance with the standards of urban transformation law, "Earthquake is a fact of our country unfortunately. You need to learn to live and be prepared for this. We use it as a criterion in our housing projects. By using state-of-the-art technology and first-class material quality, our residences that we have prepared with our educated and professional employees are challenging the depression. " he said.


Murat Yildirim said that some companies in the sector ignore it and use low quality materials to make more profit. "Profit you get is not more valuable than human life. It is your conscience that you will be faced with the contamination of your brand name and the more important loss that you have experienced in the sector throughout your life.


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