Dursun Özbek: “Florya And Riva Protocol Will Be Signed İn The Coming Days”

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Galatasaray Club President Dursun Özbek stated that they will continue their work with Emlak Konut and sign the protocol about Florya and Riva area in the coming days. The Galatasaray Club’s regular meeting was held in December. The meeting which was held under the chairmanship of Galatasaray Club Chairman İrfan Aktar in a hotel located in Gayrettepe, started with the presentation of the minutes of the last month after the respectful posture and voting. Galatasaray Club President Dursun Özbek, as well as board members and members of the council attended the meeting.


“This is not a land sale”

Reminding that a very important plenary session was held on 22 October, Özbek said, “We have made enough explanation about what kind of authority we ask for. I thank our general assembly, gave us authority. Every day we talk about the financial structure of Galatasaray, and we are making as much of a statement as we are. Dear friends, I repeat everybody, this is not a plot sale.


Those who earned Galatasaray this prize had specific purposes. As of today, their reconstruction has been purchased to meet the needs of the club. This is what the previous administrations thought. I repeat, this is not a land sale. It is a project to evaluate the present lanes in our country according to the economic conditions and the profits to be obtained from them will go to the foot of Galatasaray.

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