Dwellings Remain Unsold

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The troubles in the housing sector have started to be pronounced more than ever before. The housing sector representatives who complained about not being able to melt their stocks were in the view that the 'Yap-sat (Build and Sell)' period had come to an end and the 'Yap-sabret (Build and wait)' period had begun.


Despite the increase in construction and land costs, the declining trend in housing prices is a sign of the bottleneck in the industry. Among the talked about are the housing companies' desire to offset the growing debt. He feared the wave of bankruptcy in the sector.

Emlak Konut REIT General Manager Murat Kurum said that in the past days, the luxury segment would have no more places to go in the description, saying that they will set a price for luxury housing production. The fact that recent campaigns do not stimulate sales also makes the voice of sector representatives grow louder.

"Every contractor originally sold 80-90 percent of the sales and construction period, and had about 10 percent of the housing in his possession" . There are 400-500 houses in the hands of those who start in 2015-2016.It can not be raised when the demand for housing is low and the demand is low so the prices of the houses are relatively cheap.The prices of the houses have been automatically lowered because the prices have not been raised in the last 2 years. it is much cheaper to get a finished housing when you buy a house based on it. "


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