Eagle Laughs at the Face of Housing Investor in Istanbul

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Demirli Construction Manager İdris Demirli said that Kartal is one of the most residential projects in Istanbul.

And Chairman of Demirli Building Idris Demirli said, "Kartal, a district in Istanbul, whose population is approaching 20 million, is located in Maltepe in the west, Sancaktepe in the north, Sultanbeyli in the north, and Pendik in the east. The rising star of the Anatolian side, Kartal, attracts attention and attracts attention with the construction projects it has hosted. While transport investments made in recent years add value to the value of the region, urban transformation studies in particular have led the construction industry to focus on it. Kartal, one of the most residential projects in Istanbul, is one of the locations where many commercial areas are included in the scope of urban transformation together with large areas. "

idris demirli

Chairman of Demirli Building Idris Demirli said “Factors such as alternative transportation links, rapid accessibility, potential for transformation into the industrial service sector, and planning as the First Degree Center in the Istanbul Environment Plan can be listed as the most important reasons that increase the eagle and its environment.


Especially the subway project and the metro line made it easier to access all parts of Istanbul Kartal is the beginning of the elements that increase the value of Kartal. Similarly, access to the Tem and D-100 links facilitates access to the region.


It is also a convenient zone for residential projects with social facilities, and other important elements in the region with a sea and forest view. It increases the quality of life in social facilities such as schools and hospitals. However, the fact that the construction and construction of new housing projects is one of the pilot regions within the framework of urban transformation and that the construction costs in the regions such as Ataşehir are high in neighboring regions, The increase in the square meters of sales and the increase in demand for the region increases the positive aspect of Kartal's perception”

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