Earthquake Destroyed Gölcük Became A Modern City

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August 17, 1999 Marmara earthquake epicenter Gölcük, became a modern city after 18 years away from the painful traces of the facial. "Gölcük", which experienced a great destruction in the earthquake and lost about 6 thousand people, took a livable city appearance with rapidly increasing populations with modern living spaces and depature durable housing built up to this day after the catastrophic disaster.


Gölcük was Collapsed

Gölcük Mayor Mehmet Ellibeş reminded that about 6 thousand people lost their lives in the earthquake that they experienced on August 17, 1999, which is described as "the catastrophe of the century", and 13 thousand 500 buildings in the city and over 3 thousand businesses were demolished.


Gölcük Gave a Rapid Migration

Mehmet Ellibeş recalled that Gölcük gave a very rapid migration after the earthquake and on the day when he was depressed, 76 thousand of the center of the district and 130 thousand of the population with the villages and the villages had fallen to 55 villages but the rest of the buildings, education and health and other material losses Gölcük reached 160 thousand people today.


Ellibeş said that the World Bank loaned 4 thousand 500 houses in Gölcük in the first stage and that about 3 thousand workplaces of tradesmen and citizens were destroyed in earthquake and they were handed over to the beneficiaries. "TOKİ realized 865 housing projects in the first stage. As part of the urban transformation process, TOKİ has awarded 541 housing units and construction began. He spoke in the form of." he said.



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