East Marmara Real Estate Fair

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Third Eastern Marmara real estate fair completed its work. This year, the city of Kocaeli, also located on the shores of the Sea of Marmara, was chosen as the venue for the exhibition. The exhibition was opened in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce Kocaeli (KOTO) in conjunction with the fair for marriage and housing (IDEV).

Organizers of the fair noted that this is a unique place where under one roof dozens of companies of manufacturers and potential buyers and partners from many sectors from real estate to household goods can meet.


Also, companies were able to present their products on the right platform, saying that domestic consumption will be revived and contribute to the economy of the region and the country.

Speaking at a ceremony held at the International Exhibition Center, Deputy Governor Dursun Balaban thanked the participants of the fair.

Also, Balaban noted that the interest of the public to such fairs increases every year and the number of visitors to the fair is growing.

"Thanks to these traditional fairs, manufacturers can simultaneously show both their products and services, as well as establish links with business partners, and customers have the opportunity to see and buy many of the materials, projects or real estate they need," he said.

 Chihat Alages, CEO of TUYAP Anadolu Fairs, noted that new projects in the Kocaeli region and surrounding areas are represented by special companies at the fair. "We look forward to your participation in trade fairs, the trade of Kocaeli, regional economies, more than 42 000 people visited our fair this year. There is no doubt that this figure will increase every year", he said.

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