Eksioglu Besyildiz Site Report For Rent And Sale Apartments

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Each sale is a different story. 2 Besyildiz our latest sale. 135m2 apartment for sale with either of the stage.The seller also is selling the apartment in June 2016 so,first he tried to sell it but the owner wasn't successful realtor and a few came to us after you try December 2016. Primarily market price also to 570,000 June 2016.-Also while I was at 550.000 TL December 2016.-TL s was pronounced.


The First owner of the apartment and the apartment renovation that we did in the Sales Department of the appraisal report for your needs 520.000 price range.TL-the TL was in the range of 540.000. Considering the urgent need of the seller to 550,000.-We went from the TL to the market.Highest bids to 530,000.-Came in the form of TL.Showing 10 recipients, and made a place to January 2017 and about 520.000.-I closed the process of TL.The seller here is actually 6 months prior to this offer, however, because you don't want to sell these figures after 6 months received the money.


If it's June 2016 and also if you sell dollars, was doing;

520.000.TL X 3,27.GBP/USD =159.000.Would take USD.

We also sell the January 2017 in the history of money

159.000.usd. 3,75 X GBP/USD=596.250.TL. would be.

Loss (596.250 TL-520.000.TL)=76.250.TL. has happened.

*We prepare the appraisal report for free. The actual sales price of your apartment, sell your apartment when you get range from us 6 months ago, and as seen above will not harm. The actual price is always the fair price. and buyers always want to buy cheaper. The professional expertise to manage the bargaining process.

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