Eminönü-Alibeykoy Tramway Line Construction Is Started

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Istanbul is expanding its borders more and more every day. To date, the city is one of the leaders in terms of the number of new housing units and the volume of passenger traffic. This is due to the fact that many come to Istanbul for work, recreation or use the city as a transfer place for further travel. All this puts a heavy load on the city’s transport network. In addition to the construction of the third airport for, the city authorities think and care about intra-urban transport. The construction of new metro stations, tunnels, bridges make moving around the city easier and faster. And now it became known that the construction of a new tram line on the route Eminonu – Alibeykoy begins. And this is certainly another step in the development of the transport infrastructure of Istanbul.


Construction work has already begun. It is reported that the total amount of the project will be about 153 million Euros. This amount includes the cost of construction of tramways, new stations, the purchase of new wagons and electrical infrastructure throughout the route. In total it is planned to build more than 14 new stations and more than 10 kilometers of double-track tram rails.

Experts from the city administration estimated that the new tramway route will be able to serve more than 25,000 passengers a day, and the total time of the route from the initial to the terminal station will be just over half an hour.

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