Emlak Konut Explained First Quarter Sales Figures

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Emlak Konut REIT, 2 thousand 878 million TL in the first quarter of the year, 2 thousand 833 independent sections, said the sale was realized.

Emlak Konut REIT announced sales figures for the first quarter of the year. The company has sold 2 million 878 million TL worth of gross square meters of independent sections for 410 thousand 460 sales in 3 months period excluding VAT. In the statement made, 2 thousand 722 independent seats of 394 thousand 668 square meters worth of 2 billion 801 million TL were sold under the campaign between 1 February and 31 March. In the first month of the campaign, 943 independent units were sold in February, while 779 units were sold in March.


Emlak Konut last year, announced that it had made 2,833 names in the first quarter of 2017 and achieved record sales.

“We achieved a great deal of our target in the first three months.”

Emlak Konut REIT General Manager Murat Kurum, which is mentioned in the comments, gave the following statements in the statement made about the subject: “At the beginning of the year we announced a target of TL 8 billion. We have achieved a large share of our target in the first 3 months. As Turkey’s largest real estate investment company, we continue to work and produce for Turkey, which is stronger with the strength we have acquired from our long history. “

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