Emlak Konut Procurement Outcome Was Certain

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The tender for an area of ​​97 thousand square meters in which military lodgings took place in Zeytinburnu, Istanbul.

The winner of the tender was Güney Gayrimenkul, Baş Yapı Construction, Esta Construction and Elit Vizyon Yapi business partnership with 1 billion 730 million liras.


Yılmaz Construction offered 1 billion 840 million pounds for the project value, but offered 625 million 600 thousand pounds for the Real Estate Share. Thus, Güney Gayrimenkul, Baş Yapı Construction, Esta Construction and Elit Vizyon Yapı business partnership with Real Estate Housing to give a difference of 14.5 million pounds passed. Akdeniz Construction of İhalede Ağaoğlu Group of Companies offered 1 billion 435 million TL as sales value and 502 million 393 thousand 500 TL as company share.


Mesa Residential Project value of 1 billion 406 million pounds, Real Estate Housing for 466 million 792 thousand pounds offered The highest bid as the project value came from the partnership of Makro İnşaat and Sancak Construction. The partners offered 2 billion 35 million for project value and 610 million 500 thousand TL for company share. Nurol GYO and İntaya İnşaat offered 959 million for project value and 335 million 650 thousand for company share.


Construction of 61 thousand 845 square meters will be made on 97 acres of land in Istanbul Zeytinburnu where the former military lodgings are located. A large part of the park was reserved as parking area. Accordingly, a total area of ​​55 thousand 176 square meters will be considered as a park. In the project where housing, commerce, tourism, religious facility areas will be located, the height was limited to 35.5 meters considering the historical peninsula silhouette. Emlak Konut GYO has purchased 102 thousand 760 square meters of arbors, including military lodgings, from TOKİ in 2015 for a total of 400 million 5 thousand liras.

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