Erdogan warned! TOKI takes the action

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The Ayder plateau is famous for its magnificent nature. However, in recent periods, it is becoming a current issue with irregular urbanization. TOKI decided to take action after this 'unpleasant' situation.

TOKI plans to hold a 'Search Conference' on October 14-15 with the participation of public, private, professional chambers, universities, non-governmental organizations and local people to defend and protect Ayder, the famous plateau of Rize.


TOKI chairman takes a close interest in Ayder

TOKI Chairman Ergün Turan said that since tourism in Ayder Plateau started, it had been an unplanned and unscheduled urbanization and they would act with a protective approach when renewing this place.

“Ayder Plateau has recently been built in harmony with nature in its traditional architectural sense while the newly built houses have been built in an unplanned way away from the traditional construction character in large-scale reinforced concrete construction techniques. Ayder Plateau, where adequate technical infrastructure is not established for the rational use of natural resources and sustainable management, needs a strong infrastructure. It should be invested in long-term interests instead of short-term interests, and should be handled in a holistic approach rather than fragmented approach, without evaluating existing opportunities in the best possible way and without distorting nature.” Turan said.

We will listen to the rights holders

We will first listen to the rights holders in Ayder Plateau and we will determine what they want. Apart from that, we will clarify the necessities for tourism. There is also thermal water, so we will do a study, taking into account daily use. In Ayder, we did a study exemplarily” Turan said.

What did Erdogan say?

“The current Ayder cannot be our representation. Ayder whom God has given us is completely different. We polluted Ayder. We will make Ayder befit its dignity, not with this structure, but with urban transformation and change. We also need to do the same change and transformation in Uzungöl”

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