Esenyurt Was Number One On Housıng Sales Last Month!

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While it is not possible to find a house below average 550 thousand lira in the central regions of Istanbul, sales in Esenyurt, where prices are cheaper, broke a record. In Esenyurt, where the square meters for sale started from thousand 700 lira last year, 40 thousand 436 housing purchases took place.

 Sancaktepe, which is one of the newly developing regions of Istanbul, came in second place with 11 thousand 885 sales, but only one third of home purchases from Esenyurt could be reached. In the district, it is possible to find apartments with prices starting from 94 thousand for 1 + 1 and 179 thousand for 2 +1. However, when the central districts of Istanbul are examined, it is seen that the square meters of the houses are between 6 thousand and 15 thousand liras.

Beşiktaş, which has Bebek, Ortaköy and Kuruçeşme neighborhoods, whose real estate prices for sale are increasing along the Bosphorus line, is at the top of the most valuable regions. In the district, the square meters of houses for sale have exceeded 15 thousand liras.

While the average square meters in Bebek are above 30 thousand liras, the average price in a 100 square meter apartment exceeds 3 million liras.

Sarıyer is one of the central places where the prices are high.  If you want to be a host in this district you have to pay between 600 thousand and 1,5-2 million lira. The residential square meters for sale in Kadıköy are starting at 8 thousand and in Bakırköy at 8,500 liras. This prices show that access to housing is very difficult for middle and lower income groups in Istanbul-based regions. Because of that reason, the prices are lower in the new settlements such as Kayaşehir, Esenyurt, Beylikdüzü and Yakuplu than the central regions, making it easier for the lower income groups to be hosted at these points. Moreover, city hospitals, metro, metrobus investments attract investment in the area.

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