Europe is Attracting The Foreigner Investor With The Real Estate

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The Portuguese government has invested 2.9 billion euros in real estate since 2012, thanks to residence permit and citizenship program through investment

The European countries that have taken action to make real estate owners in the foreign investor country have earned substantial income in recent years by offering free travel throughout Europe, high return on investment and attractive terms in terms of taxes.


From these countries, Portugal has invested 2.9 billion euros in real estate since 2012, thanks to the residence permit and citizenship program (Portugal Golden Visa).

Şevki Akaydın, a New Life Chief Executive Officer who provides counseling services in the field of life, health and education abroad, said in a statement to his AA correspondent on the subject that the Portuguese Government has provided 2.9 billion euros worth of real estate investment.

Having informed that the residence permit and citizenship program, which was enacted in 2012, allowed the residence permit for foreign investors, the permanent permanent residence permit for life at the end of 5 years, and the right to become a citizen at the end of 6 years, Akaydın said that he had a criterion for obtaining a real estate worth 500,000 euros brought.


Akaydın said that China ranked first with 3 thousand 472 investors in the list of investors who received residence permits in many nationally demanded programs. "Brazil is the second with 432 investors, the third with 201 investors in South Africa, the fourth with 179 investors in Russia and 103 investors in Lebanon in fifth place. " she said.

Akaydın, the program started in 2012 with 2 people in 2013'da 434, 2014'da thousand 467, 2015'te 707, 2016 thousand 354 and as of July 2017 as of the end of the day as 981 investors underlined.

Akaydın pointed out that the most prominent among the incentive policies of the Portuguese government is that the purchased real estate can be selected as a residential or commercial property, leased for 5 years and sold after the end of the 5th year at the end of the residence permit. "Thus investors can get their investment back in 5 years. They can get rent income for 5 years. ".

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