Exports Are Expected To İncrease By 20 Percent In July

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Reuters an economy that gives official information, would exceed 20 percent of the rate of increase in exports in the month of July, and that this percentage would be the biggest rate of increase in recent years, he said. The Ramadan holiday in July of last year, and this change was in June of this year compared to last year in June and July, the number of days of work affected. Two days number of working days in June compared with the previous year decreased.


Leading the Ministry of customs according to the data, exports in June increased by 2.1 per cent compared to the same month of last year, 13.16 billion dollars. Reuters gives information on economic authority "in exports in the last five to six years we will catch the largest proportional increase in July; in July, we expect to increase exports at more than 20 percent, on average, a 10 percent increase over year-round can be realized," he said.


According to turkstat data, exports in November 2012 was 24.1 percent with 20 percent increase in recent. Half of the year according to customs data the Ministry of foreign trade deficit, a 10 percent increase compared to the same period of the previous year 30.9 billion, an increase of 77.5 billion dollars, 8.2 percent exports imports 8.7 percent, an increase of 108.3 billion dollars.


Medium term program (MTP) 142.5 153.3 billion dollars in exports this year is expected to grow to billion in 2016. This year the exports of economic management taking place in 2014, and predicts that approaching or exceeding the historical record 157.6 billion dollars, which is also possible.

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