Fair ‘ Expo Turkey By Qatar’

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Real Estate Residential REIT Projects Met with International Investors in Fair ‘ Expo Turkey By Qatar’

In order to make the business partnership between Turkey and Qatar more voluminous, Real Estate Residential REIT, which participated in Expo Turkey By Qatar Fair held in Qatar between April 19-21, met with many investors from the Gulf and Middle East Region.

At the fair, that strengthened the investment and cooperation opportunities of the two countries in the Gulf Region with other countries, The Chairman of Board of Directors, Ertan Yetim called attention to the increased investment opportunities in Turkey after expanding the scope of legal regulations that opened and facilitated the sale of real estate to foreign citizens.

Ertan Yetim, who stated that the work of increasing the trade network of our country with Qatar, which is the richest country of the world per capital national income, should continue, said the following words: "Expo Turkey By Qatar Fair, has the special importance both for us as Real Estate Residents and for our other Turkish investors. Considering the fact that Turkey is the fourth country that Qatar has invested in the most in particular, relations between the two countries have gained a different dimension "

During the fair, we had the opportunity to explain our state-sponsored regulations, such as our VAT cuts prepared by state incentives and the opening of the road for getting a citizenship for foreign investors, which opened the way for foreign investors to invest in real estate without the need of reciprocity.

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