FinTech Investments are increased by 175% in 2016

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Turkiye FinTech Ecosystem report stated that FinTech investments are increased %175 in 2016 and reached 29 million dollar! Deloitte published the Türkiye Fintech Ecosystem report in cooperation with Interbank Card Center and FinTech Istanbul. According to the report the FinTech investments were 4.6 million in 2012.

Venture Capital and angel investment nets invested 53.2 million in FinTech initiatives at the last 4 years. (From 2012) Report says that the FinTech Market has a size of 15 billion dollars with the current over 200 firms. Despite of the fast development and growth, the financial technology areas which are the new in Turkey, aren’t sufficient yet. But this situation also shows us a big potential in the FinTech.


FinTech Market

Many factors that affect the development of the FinTech Market, are stated at the report. Innovation, speciality, regulation, government incentives, foreign capital initiatives, customer relations are not sufficient yet but they seem positive and hopeful for the developing economy. According to the Deloitte Report, despite of the economic and political fluctuations in both of the global and domestic areas, Turkish financial sector and banking system stay powerful. This is the main factor for the development and growth of the FinTech Market.

The Areas that Attract the Investment and Available for Development

Mobil banking, asset management, InsurTech, lending, payments, capital markets (financial model and Analysis Software), crowdfunding, Blockchain-Bitcoin are stated as the most attractive investment areas in the world at the report. FinTech Investments have a big potential and seem to it will continue growing!

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