Flood Risk Will Diminish With Green Roofs

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Adil Baştanoğlu, chairman of the Association of Roofing Industrialists and Businessmen (ÇATIDER), explained the flood events that took place following the heavy rainfall in Istanbul. President Baştanoğlu emphasized that increasing green roof applications in the country could be a solution to this problem.


Referring to the rapid urbanization and the emergence of the problem of excessive floods turning into floods, Baştanoğlu said, "Due to the rapidly increasing population and construction, our cities reduce the amount of soil and green vegetation that sucks rainwater, and the surfaces that transfer the water to the sewer system or to the rain discharge system are increasing. With the drainage systems that can be used in planted trenches, it is possible to delay the access to the drainage system of the rainwater falling to the roof surface for about an hour.This is because the rainfall water Delaying, playing a significant role in reducing the risk of floods. "If the grassroots practices in Istanbul are becoming widespread, we will make significant contributions to the solution of the problem.


Referring to the fact that heat islands are formed in cities with the effect of global warming, "These heat islands cause problems such as large temperature differences between areas, deteriorated soil, change of weather conditions, loss of water resources, etc.


Bittered roofs, "By keeping them in the plant, they can prevent the reflection of sunlight during the sunset, so that the difference in the heat island can be reduced compared to the rural area, and the planted roof contributes to the solution of many problems, from oxygen production, reduction of heat islands and energy efficiency."

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