Foreigners Buying Houses In Turkey

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After the attempt of military coup 15 July 2016 the European, American and Australian citizens began to buy property in Turkey.

Despite the fact that after the attempt of military coup, many foreign mass media have tried to create a negative image of Turkey, the number of foreign buyers in the Turkish real estate market has grown almost twice. While domestic buyers prefer to buy luxury housing abroad, foreigners from America, Australia and Europe increasingly prefer the Turkish real estate. With active support from the government real estate market, more and more customers make their choice in favor of the Turkish real estate. The adoption of new amendments to the tax law, and the simplification of procedures for obtaining Turkish citizenship for property buyers attracted large foreign capital in Turkey. At the same time home buying trend among domestic buyers also show a gradual increase.

Property owners today, both domestic and foreign, understand that investing in real estate in Turkey is profitable and safe. The situation in the country remains stable and the investments generate income. The building sector in Turkey developed very well. The quality of building a new real estate meets all international standards.

Today Istanbul is the leader in terms of construction, sale and purchase of new properties. This is due to the convenient location of the city, the high level of development of transport infrastructure, high level of security and social protection, as well as a wide variety of ways for commercial activities.

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