Foreigners Prefer Istanbul

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Especially for fast estate, Istanbul is the first city preferred for investment. Foreigners purchase houses in Istanbul most. Apart from Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Trabzon, Aydın and Bursa are among the list of the foreigners to buy houses. So how many houses did the foreigners’ purchase, which cities are preferred most and what does the last data show?

  • Foreigners bought 612 houses in May.
  • Foreigners bought 581 houses in April.
  • 585 houses were sold for foreigners in February.
  • Foreigners bought 462 houses in January.


Istanbul is at the top of the list every time


The house sale statistics of TUIK shows which cities attracted the foreigners most. According to TUIK’s May house sale statistics, Istanbul takes the first place with 511 house sales. Antalya follows Istanbul with 407 house sale, Bursa with 118 house sale, Trabzon with 89 house sale, Aydın with 88 house sale and Ankara with 54 house sale. It seems that foreigners’ choice for house sale was the same in the last months as well and foreigners buy houses in Istanbul most.


It doesn’t change

– In the house sales for foreigners in May 2016, Istanbul comes first with 540 houses. Antalya follows Istanbul with 360 house sales, Bursa with 116 house sales, Yalova with 71 houses, Trabzon with 67 houses and Sakarya with 66 house sales.

– In March 2016 foreigners bought 583 houses in Istanbul. Antalya follows Istanbul with 360 house sales, Bursa with 115 house sales, Muğla with 73 house sales, Yalova with 66 house sales and Ankara and Aydın come after them with 56 house sales.

– In February 2016, Istanbul takes the first place again. Antalya follows Istanbul city with 328 house sales, Bursa with 141 house sales, Sakarya with 93 house sales, Yalova with 90 house sales and Ankara with 61 house sales.
-In January 2016 foreigners bought 498 houses in Istanbul. Antalya follows again with 315 house sales, Bursa comes after them with 129 houses, Yalova with 84 house sales, Ankara with 68 house sales and Aydın come with 65 house sales.

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