Foreigners Will Be Opened In Front Of The Value Added Tax

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Ozyurtlar Chairman of the Group of Companies Ozyurt: “With the removal of the Value Added Tax on the sale of foreigners’ homes, foreigners who bought 18,000 houses a year expect to make more purchases this year” said.


Foreigners Expected to Increase Housing Sales

Ozyurtlar Group Chairman Tamer Ozyurt used the phrase “We expect more foreigners buying 18,000 houses this year to buy more this year” regarding the removal of VAT on the sale of foreign homes. Ozyurt, in his written statement, said that the arrangement would smile the face of the foreign buyer.

VAT will be increased after the removal of foreign sales think they will increase Ozyurt, said: “The real estate sector, which is experiencing a stagnation in the sale of foreign foreigners, will gain a new vitality, and foreigners who want to buy housing or business in Turkey will go to increase their investments in Turkey because they will not be able to pay VAT anymore. Real estate producers will be opened in front of us.We are buying 18 thousand houses in the past year, we expect more foreign buyers this year.

Finance Minister Did An Explanation

Minister of Finance of the Republic of Turkey Naci Ağbal, with the above mentioned arrangements on the agenda, the value added tax in the sale of housing, foreign sales were removed during the sale. After this compilation, the construction companies will not pay the 18% VAT calculated on their sales when they want to sell the house to the foreigner or the company.

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