Free Urban Transformation for 20 Percent Plot Reverse

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Urban transformation studies have recently begun to be taken more seriously by the metropolitan municipalities. The recent immigration to the Greater City has led to an increase in the number of illegal buildings and the emergence of many structures that are unstable. The presence of too many structures in the unstable situation for depression has caused many municipalities, especially Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, to act.


Mevlüt Uysal, the Head of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (İBB), gave the public good news that they would make an conversion without demanding money from the citizen for a 20 percent plot share. Mevlüt Uysal gave the knowledge that no additional floors or apartments could be built in urban transformation. It is also announced that they would make an conversion with a 20 percent share of the land without asking for money from the citizen.

He also said that “If urban transformation is to be done, it will be done on site. There will not be any additional zoning increase in any way. It will be demolished and done again. There is no additional building or apartment. As a municipality we will be able to provide on-site transformation with our support of 30-40%.”

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality announced that they allocate a budget of 1 billion TL for urban transformation. Mevlüt Uysal stated that the horizontal architect is more correct and said that the renovation will be completed in Istanbul in 10-15 years. Besides, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality would try not to build the new buildings too high.

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