Gebze- Orhangazi- Izmir Highway Did Raise Land Prices?

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Istanbul -Izmir flights of 3.5 hours to download the Gebze- Orhangazi- Izmir Highway Project and Osmangazi Bridge, blew the price of square meters of surrounding land. Starting from Gebze and Izmir in the land where the highway passes, it has risen more than 150 percent in 3 years.


Turkey, which is one of the largest investments in the field of transport and the public on the Istanbul-Izmir Motorway Orhangazi Gebze – Izmir Highway known as the creator of the project ‘s largest feet Osmangazi Bridge, was opened yesterday. Starting from Gebze Osmangazi bridge from Yalova, Bursa, Balıkesir, Manisa land that now following the highway in the city of Izmir adds value to value every day. On routes to pass the bridge and access roads according to the zoning of the land it is situated is seen today valued by 150 percent compared with 3 years ago.


Bursa is also moving
Turgut Eva Real Estate Appraisal General Manager Cansel printer is now a serious activity in the Yalova and Bursa, the village will be completed in 2019. Manisa road connection to Izmir and said Izmir surrounding lands will make the value increase . According to the research,  Bursa and Yalova square meter price of land in the field attribute of $ 200 , £ 150 in Gebze, Manisa found 45 TL and 35 TL in Balikesir. who said that gained momentum in the real estate sector in Yalova printer ” land prices in and of growth for 3 years the trend over the past region have already increased by over 100 percent. Housing prices in Yalova close to 100 percent in the last 5 years, in some areas he is interested in foreign showed an increase” he said.


Yalova appreciated
TSKB Real Estate Appraisal General Manager Makbule Orientation Maya, Gebze- Dilovası boosted by multiplying the logistics industry identity from the past, Balıkesir also expressed would be an important place in the medium term in terms of logistics. ERA Real Estate Turkey Coordinator Mustafa Baygen while also drawing attention to the land valued rather than in Yalova Gebze, the fields in the areas through which the project was opened in the reconstruction indicate that the majority.


Traffic will be reduced by 30 percent
Osmangazi Bridge, 433 kilometers Orhangazi Gebze-Izmir Highway Project is located in. Founded on the Izmit Gulf suspension bridge, is among the narrowest point of the Gulf of Izmit in Yalova with language constitute the pier in Dilovasi township connected to the district Altınova Herzegovina nose. The 1550 mid-span suspension bridge, the width of 35.93 and a total length of 2,682 meters. Ranked fourth in the world in terms of length of the floor deck is located on the 113 Osmangazi Bridge. transitional period according to transportation alternatives, to 1 hour and 20 minutes by car, 45-60 minutes by ferry, while the planned 12-kilometer transition down to 6 minutes. Orhan veterans Gebze-Bursa-Balikesir-Izmir Motorway kınalıistanbul- made the Edirne-Istanbul highway, combined with the Izmir-Aydin highway Marmara region, the Aegean region was connected to the motorway network. The project is aimed at opening gebzeizmit axis of Anatolia decreased by 30 percent of the traffic load.


5 thousand housing units will be established in Saudi village
Yalova 5 thousand houses project you intend Beyttürk Construction Chairman Mohammed Uğurcan Barman  “We live in a fast movement with the opening of Osmangazi Bridge. This period, people want to buy land in the region is worth the good reviews” he said. Barman “We did Saudi Arabia’s cooperation Kimm Huizen up to 2 billion pounds for the project. Yalova 5 thousand houses do we expect demand for projects in the Gulf ” he said.

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