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High speed trains with high speed realway are everywhere all over the world in our age. In Europe and other regions they are very popular in these days. They are generally prefered for their comfort and fastness. The roadways are too dengerous and flying has a lot of risks. People loves their cars, but cities are complain about personal cars, air pollution, traffic jams. So, companies and goverments are trying to find a different solition. Some countries are trying to have the fastest train in the world as a result of this reseach, high speed trains in Turkey came up with this efficient and effective alternative.


Having high speed train in Turkey is a critical decision for this country. It is also an indispensable way to be chosen for environment. Turkey's first national high speed train will be produced in TÜLOMSAŞ which was established in Eskişehir. In the first stage, the set of high speed train will be produced in 96 pieces with a speed of 250 Km per hours. Of course it is not the fastest train in the world. In Public Procurement Bulletin, published on November 23, it was announced that the prequalification bid had been opened. According to the announcement; national producing and establishing of facility will be done in Eskişehir, but the delivery place will be Ankara. Places where requested services will be taken place specified in formal condition. Producing will not be totally national. There will be three different types of it. 20 of them will be fully imported at least with 10% local contribution, 60 of them will be produced in Eskişehir at least with 53% local contribution, 16 of them will be produced in Eskişehir at least with 74% local contribution. This project requires high speed realway establishment also.

With this project, citizens will have high speed train in Turkey. And Eskişehir will be this project's center. If it will be done, citizens will get rid of air pollution. With high speed realway national trade will be increased, on the other hand traffic accidents wil be decreased. The benefit of this system will positively impact the economy of the country. Maybe one day Turkey will have the fastest train in the world.

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