Giant Destruction in Cizre

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Giant Destruction in Cizre

Turkey has just undergone and hard process in Cizre and the government is trying to help the people in there. Clashes lested for 78 days in Cizre, which is the district of Şırnak. After the clashes, the government has made some examinations and saw that 2 thousand 700 buildings severely damaged. Cizre began destruction of 2 thousand 700 buildings. District Administration has sent notification to the people whose houses were severely damaged in order to start the renovation of the city. They were asked to evacuate their houses as soon as possible. The total cost of the heavily damaged buildings is almost 4 billion lira. While some citizens want the destruction of the heavily damaged buildings, the others don’t want the demolition.


Cizre began destruction of 2 thousand 700 buildings. The process has just started but the citizens have still questions and they don’t know where to go. They have given a petition to the District Administration to state that ‘We left our houses and workplaces for 78 days because of the conflict and the clashes. We noticed that our houses had damaged heavily when we came back. However, when we arrived back we had to stay in the damaged houses because there is no rental home in Cizre. On the condition that the demolition of the damaged houses, where will we go? There is no concrete plan and we are in a dead end.’


Cizre began destruction of 2 thousand 700 buildings. However, lawyer Serkan Özkan said that ‘so many people came to us in order not to be in a bad situation again because the plan of the demolition is contrary to law. No one knows what the project is and how it is prepared. Therefore this is a chaotic situation. Public should be informal about the implementation of the project in Cizre.’

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