Giant TOKI project canceled

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A grandiose zoning project for the residential, commercial and tourist area of the former tank service facility located on the coast of Zeytinburnu was unanimously abolished by the Istanbul 5th Administrative Court.


It is about of land in which construction of trade, housing, tourism buildings were planned after the military base has been removed. This project was proposed by TOKİ.

However, the plans approved by the Ministry of Ecology and Urban Planning on November 19, 2013 and approved by the Istanbul branch of the Chamber of Urban Planning and the Chamber of Architects of the Istanbul branch of the Buyukkent were canceled. Due to “the zoning plan ignores the principles of the integrity of the plan and the principle of multi-level planning”.


The judicial system passed to action. The 5th Administrative Court of Istanbul decided to cancel this plan, unanimously stating that “within the framework of the amendment to the plan approved by the ministry, there are no principles of urbanism, principles of planning, public interests and legality”.


The decision of the 5th Administrative Court of Istanbul stated that "the neighboring tourist center outside its borders had housing and trade functions. “It was stated that, although the areas used as a military base should be planned primarily as a social and technical infrastructure. It was stated that these plans will cause an intensification of the population”.

Representatives of the construction company said that now there is no definite decision to cancel zoning plans in Zeytinburnu, and the trial will continue.

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