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Turkey is a point of increasing value of real estate every day. Especially in Istanbul real estate sector is the most important point. With its historic and up-to-date facilities, the city has always been an attraction. But the ever-increasing population of the city can sometimes cause problems such as traffic. To cope with this situation, the metropolitan municipality of Istanbul continues to work continuously. Istanbul was strengthened by tunnel and bridge transitions in the near future to lighten the traffic. These new projects helped to open new estates in the city. Real estate listings in the city also increased.

Looking at the real estate ads, Istanbul is the country’s leader. In addition to the new projects in the city, many buildings that have already been built are changing owners from time to time. Istanbul real estate ads have a remarkable rise when they are examined with this aspect. In addition to the natural beauty that the city has, the prices are also set according to the property location.


Istanbul real estate market price analysts have assessed. Every period of time is of great importance. So it’s not the right approach to lose time to buy a house. This leads only to a change in price of the home you want to purchase. The fact is that property prices in Istanbul are growing every year. There are many websites that provide services for real estate listings. In addition, advertisements in newspapers and television advertising as well have a great potential.

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