Golden Rules to be Considered When Buying a House 

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You want to buy a house with credit, but you do not know exactly how things will progress. We advise you to pay attention to the list of things to take care of so that your dream of acquiring a house will not result in frustration.


It should be the first step to take into consideration those who want to buy housing using this credit. Because a bad credit rating is the most common reason for the denial of the housing loan and must be checked before applying for credit. Having a good credit note means green light by the bank. It is always important to keep your credit score at a good level by making regular payments for it.

Once you check your credit score, you should calculate the amount you can give for the down payment. Because, the banks will get you 80% of the house expertise value. The remaining 20% ​​should be provided in your down payment. If you do not have enough accumulation in such a case, it means that you have to wait to accumulate or find a down payment.

You're thinking of a new home in excitement. But at this stage you should also consider your budget to change with your loan installments. Do you have any financial arrangements to take over in emergency situations? By considering such risky situations, it would be useful to go under a credit burden that will not shake your budget and put you in a difficult situation.

Do not fall in love with every house you see, watch out when you take a house. The passion you feel does not mean that the house is the right choice. It is useful to look at as many houses as possible before you say yes. If something seems too good to be true, you need to check it out in detail. "I always dreamed of French windows," one should not buy a house that has French windows. The criteria such as the market reliability of the material used in the construction of the house, the area in which it is inhabited, and the existing maintenance costs that can occur in the home are some of the features that you need to control more on the frontline while you are home. You should also check whether the house credit you want to buy is appropriate.

Before you buy a house, you should do good research about the building and the house. First of all, it is a good idea to have a specialist check all the documents related to the house from the seller. Have earthquake tests been done? Is there any problem with the tapestry? Do not sign documents without finding answers to these questions. These surveys that you do without buying the house will prevent many possible problems in your later life. (In case you take the house with credit, you do not have any expertise on the title deeds.)


It will be helpful to take a look at the interest rates of the banks and any other costs that will arise for a house you will be picking up on your mortgage. Comparison sites in this regard will be a good guide for you. You can find the best bank by comparing the interest rates of all banks and the total repayments from the calculator. If you make a bank choice without making a comparison, you may think that you are paying a low installment, but you may be hurt because you can not be informed about the costs or even your total refund.

If your tenant is sitting in the dwelling in your home, check the lease contract made. If the tenant has committed eviction, compare the date on which the eviction is committed with the contract date. If you are going to live in the house, ask the tenant to vacate the apartment within 2 months by informing the notary channel. If the tenant continues to live in the home, you should make a new contract.

Check whether the building's altitude, residence, building usage permit has been taken. If your house is a residential family home, your consent letter must be taken. In the event of the cancellation of the title deed to be opened in the future, even if the title is transferred, it is in question to face the cancellation of the title deed.

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