Good News About Rent for Artisans

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Bilal Ozkan who was appointed as a trustee to the Sur County Municipality, said that they will pay the half of the accumulated rents as a result of the problems which related to the conflicts in Sur. Bilal Ozkan was appointed to Sur 8 months ago as trustee and he is also district governor. He visited the artisans in Dagtepe Dortyol yesterday morning. He talked to them and listened to their problems. Ozkan said that they speeded up the works in order to destroy the troubles they have experienced in the controversial period. He got notes their problems and promised that these will be destroyed as soon as possible.


Ozkan: Our Artisans Support us

Bilal Ozkan explained that the frontal and the other works for Sur streets (Gazi Street and Melikahmet Street) were going very well and the artisans were tolerant.  He said: “They see the developments and support us.”  On the other side; Sur District Artisans seem satisfied. They said:

“The works in the Gazi Street is really well. Due to the weather conditions, the repair is in trouble sometimes. The most important thing for us is business position. The bazaar is starting to move and there is vitality. We have the only one missing; if we can work like this also in the evenings, we hope that we will be better than the old situation.”

The Half Of The Rent!

The rental debt of Sur Artisans is 150.000 TL. Bilal Ozkan promised that they will pay the half of this amount and support the artisans as soon as possible.

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