Great Support Education From TOKİ

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Great Support Education From TOKİ

TOKİ so expressed that they give importance to the housing authority president Ergün Turan his robust and reliable way for children of the schools of basic starting point in a statement of support in education which has reached the 1000 figure. İt continues to support education from TOKİ.


Prime Minister’s housing administration TOKİ infrastructure services for children and young people in terms of their project began to receive training in modern educational institution for 996 schools and 15 universities are uninterrupted. TOKİ support education in 2015-2016 education and training 1,163 new classrooms in 50 schools will continue to open more service reported.


TOKİ Social Responsibility Project

TOKİ president Ergun Turan, according to a statement made ​​by the project in earthquake affected particularly robust and secure building for the production of the latest technology development and technical materials used, he added. Residential carried out simultaneously with the production, more than a thousand educational institutions that give special importance to the Project, he said.


TOKİ example of a social responsibility project with the support of the General Staff Presidency, is implementing. TOKİ from support across the country for education, and made ​​the school is given the names of the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the national struggle.


6 university building on campus, was completed in 9 construction continues

TOKİ President, they have completed the 6 university buildings, said that the continued construction on campus 9. Yozgat , Tunceli, Giresun, Hakkari, where they made ​​16 of Şırnak province in campus buildings, was reported. TOKİ’s main task is to make the public housing, adding that President Ergun Turan that other public buildings to build 50% of the business, explained.


Turan also making protocols, including the newly formed mainly by universities, campus, service buildings, housing, a lot of projects they carry out activities such as academic research center, said in the speech.

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