Growth in Istanbul

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Growth in Istanbul

Turkey is one of the leading countries in the global real estate market and is going to increae its capacity day by day. People from different countries demand to invest in Turkey because of the country’s advantageous geographical location, extensive urban renewal and development, large capacity and strength in the construction sector, population growth and demographic advantage, increasing per capita income, and ease of doing business. So in this market Istanbul is in the 3rd place with the increase of real estate prices. The demand is so much that the prices are affected witj this demand.


Istanbul is in the 3rd place with the increase of real estate prices. Average house prices increased 4.4 percent in the world. It increased 25 percent in Istanbul, 16.5 percent in Izmir, 12.4 percent in Ankara. According the research of Knight Frank, 3 cities in Turkey are in the list of 20 cities in the world, which has the most rises in the real estate market.


Real estate market in Turkey is offering nice opportunities for the investors from all over the world every year. Despite the economic and political hardships in Turkey, the real estate markets are still promising.


Istanbul is in the 3rd place with the increase of real estate prices. Istanbul is ranked as the most attractive market in Europe for both new acquisitions and development. So, this increases the prices accordingly. Turkey is strategically situated at the crossroads of Europe, Middle East and Central Asia. In the past decade it Undergone a profound economic transformation and now is a major corridor between 3 continents.


Turkey offers great opportunities for investors with its location, existing potential, projects and ambitious targets for the future. So, the real estate prices are being affected by these reasons. Turkey continues growing in a fast way.

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