GYODER Indicator released 3rd Quarter Report

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Turkey’s Real Estate Platform GYODER has published the GYODER Indicator 3rd Quarter Report, which is important for all segments of the real estate sector as well as sub-segments of the industry in three-month periods. According to the report, a total of 936,615 residential buildings were sold in Turkey between January and September of 2015, on the other hand sales figures indicate that 935,811 buildings were sold in the same period of the year of 2016. It is emphasized that the “Union of Forces in Real Estate Turkey” campaign initiated by GYODER and Emlak Konut in previous August has been effective in the recovery of the sector and improving its vitality.

GYODER continues to shed light on the real estate sector with the ‘GYODER Indicator’ which conveys important information from the world and Turkish economy, basic macroeconomic indicators, intra-industry production figures, various statistics. In the ‘GYODER Indicator 3Q Report’, which examines the dynamics of the Turkish real estate sector, it is emphasized that the country has been enduring the social and economic difficulties unprecedentedly.

The interest rates of the housing loans were 1.18 percent on average in January-June period and 1.15 percent in July. The relatively high credit cost also slows down the rate of credit growth. However, it is stated that the campaigns with 120 months maturity and 0.7 percent interest rate per month initiated by GYODER and Emlak Konut GYO show that the consumers bear lower financial costs compared to the previous periods.


In the “Basic Economic Data” section, September inflation, which is 7.28 percent, is a positive development for year-end targets, as compared to the years 2014 and 2015.

In the section entitled ‘Top 10 provinces preferred by foreigners’; In the first 9 months of this year, Muğla takes first place as the total area selling, on the other hand  Istanbul is the first in total people. The top 10 provinces preferred by foreigners; “Muğla 1 million 97 thousand square meters, Istanbul 586 thousand square meters, Bursa 398 thousand square meters, Antalya 355 thousand square meters, Sakarya 200 thousand square meters, Adana 196 thousand square meters, Yalova 184 thousand square meters, Aydın 164 thousand square meters, Hatay 160 thousand square meters, Kocaeli 132 thousand square meters “.

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